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Kittens - important information

What is most important to us is health. Next a nice temper. It is also important to an exclusive and small breed as Korats to be seen at shows. If you are interested in Korats and would like to know more, we are happy to help out, send us an email . (Exchange [nobotat] with the ususal @-sign).

If you would like the luxuary of having a cat in your life, and the happiness to have a korat, then you might be lucky and there is a litter at that exact time. But since the Korat is such an exclusive breed, you should be prepared to wait for a while. So, if you are interested, it is a good idea to plan ahead! A Korat is a wonderful cat, and is of course worth all the waiting, if that should be the case!

Since health is our main concern, our kittens are sold with a somewhat extended Korat Pledge. The Korat Pledge is a Pledge common in the Korat world, and we have extended it with terms concerning the minimum space for the cat in question. Space is also stipulated in Swedish Law. And even though space is enough, we only sell cats to be indoor cats within the household living together with their human/s. This gives us our needed peace of mind, and it is a personal choice, not meant to offend anyone.

If one wants to buy a kitten from us, you are welcome to do so, in person. We don't ship. And we really prefer to meet a person before selling, so you are most welcome to visit our korats and us! It is important, since people and cats are individuals, that cat and human fit together - after all - you could be friends for twenty amazing years!

Welcome to the world of Korats!