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Miraya (Ch S*Koraby's Galaxia) was the first Korat to come and stay with mistress. She was amazingly devoted, loved to eat cod (which we only give to the cats and then cod from the Arctic Ocean because of the endangerment to the cod) and had a rich miau-vocabulary to communicate with humans. She nearly reached 12 years, before a mean cancer took her life. But she was a fighter and loved to live as long as she got attention, love and cod.

Miraya loved to take care of her fur and since she was already at it, Snurre got very clean ears too. She was very devoted to mistress and was content and happy just by mistress being there. She was not so interested in taking a stroll. When the stroll headed from home she was a bit hesitating and Snurre was eager, and when the stroll headed back home again it was the opposite way around.

She was very discrete and when she wanted cod she went into the kitchen and sat down waiting patiently and in silence to get attention. Then, if one said hello to her she responded with a tiny miau and if one after that asked her if she wanted fish she responded with a big and meaningful miau.