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Sessan, Ludde, Lady, Linn, Nebbis, Shiraz

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Sessan, Ludde, Lady, Linn, Nebbis, Shiraz

In Uppsala, together with the Hellström family, reside Sessan (top) (Tadashi's Sessan) born 2003, who likes to be in the center all the time. Linn (Tadashi's Linn) born 1999 is a very cautious cat and consider the vaccuum cleaner very unpleasant and should be avoided to any cost.

With Katarina Hellström lives Nebbiolo (Nebbis, to the right above Sessan) and Shiraz (to the left of Nebbis), both half siblings to Matouf, Minoe and Natell, born autumn 2007 at Sweet Chili's. Nebbiolo likes to eat plastics and other tasty stuff and Shiraz follows her mistress around to know what she is up to.


In memory: Ludde (below Sessan to the left), and Lady (to the right of Ludde) who lived with Sessan and Linn. Lady (Koraby's Azur Ashanti) became 14 years old and was a relative to Snurre! She wass also, just like Snurre, a cat with a great love for life. Lady was the mother of lively Linn and grandmother to naughty Sessan.  Ludde (ChianMai's Amadesu) became 16 years and was a cat who loved to go by car and on holiday. He liked food, a little too much according to the humans, and was a wise cat who told you when you were being stupid and comforted you when you were sad.