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Why shows?

Why do people collect things, why do you have hobbies, why do we design our homes, why do we want to look splendid when we go out, why do we keep pets anyway? Because. And that is why there are shows. And as long as shows have firm roots in respect for cats as not being a toy or thing it is fun.

Some cats like shows, they like to present themselves and get new exciting impressions, other cats think shows are too noisy and too smelly. Most cats are probably quite bored after a while since the shows are such evergoingon events, both humans and cats are tired at the end of the day. Often you arrive at seven a.m. to check in and leave again 12 hours later at seven p.m. and that is not including the trip home. But you enjoy seeing so many lovely cats and the cats mostly get very alert coming home again, full of energy after eating some dinner, and can ponder about all the impressions they received during the day!