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A generalising description follows:

Korats want a lot of attention and like to be entertained. They are amused by humans running around playing with cat toys while they are watching. Sometimes the Korats can take part in the game. They are intelligent and curious. They don't like high and sudden sounds, and therefore vacuum cleaners are not welcome too closely. Water is also not very popular, even though they can't resist investigating the bath tub and jump up and sometimes fall in. That will result in either a most traumatic experience that leads to the cat looking upon the bathroom as a most unpleasent room, or an experience of a not so nice annoyance which the cat indifferently (of course) shakes off and forgets.

Korats are enormously good jumpers and easily jumps long and high. They are medium sized but weighs more than you would estimate since their bodies are compact and muscular. Some Korats enjoy to watch TV like some other cats, if there is something interesting to watch. Some Korats have a peculiarity which must be connected to their camouflage-technique in the wild - they think they are safe when a car approaches if they press themselves to the ground and pretend they are a stone.

To the right is a picture of Snurre as a kitten, and Snurre playfully opening his birthday present with the assistance of Solana - 18 years later.