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Shows are events for humans who want to show their cats to an audience that comes for the only good reason to look at cats. There are many kinds of breeds; short-haired, semi-haired, long-haired and oriental are the main categories. House cats are also welcome to shows to win prizes. Those are mostly ribbons, cups, medallions, food and toys.

The cats are competing to get certificates in their classes. When a cat has received a certain amount of certificates it thereafter competes at a higher level. The top title a cat can receive is European Champion and/or European Premier, the former for unneutered cats and the latter for the neutered cats. At every show, cats are being nominated to the panel and there it is decided which cats win their classes in the various categories, and they are entitled Best in Show (BIS). The panel is the finale of the show.

The cats sit in special cages that are more or less decorated, some very creative and others more distinct. The cages must be covered with cage curtains to separate the cats from each other, and it is nice for the cat to have a cushion, blanket or something cosy to snuggle in. Of course there should be food, water and a toilet.

The ribbons, mostly awards of given certificates, are placed on the front of the cages to show them off. The mistresses and masters and their families have all reason to be proud of their family cat member!