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Cat health

How healthy a cat is is of course not always visible, but you can see if a cat is suffering from any of the common health problems. Cats have sensitive eyes, ears and teeth. The eyes should be clear and free from liquid, the ears should be clean from anything, and there should be no bad smell from inside the nose.

Cats often have tartar and sometimes it is needed to go to the veterinarian to remove it thoroughly as often as once a year. If the tartar is left alone the gums will be infected and the cat can loose its teeth or be in so much pain that it won't eat anymore. For better teeath health it is recommended to give the cat dry food rather than wet, but it must be food that won't result in kidney or urine problems.

The cat should be vaccinated against cold and pest, which is done once a year. And ensure your cat! It can be very expensive if you need a veterinarian.